Hmplantducati is a company which is mainly focused on creating and building custom bikes. This is a team which is here to modify your traditional car and made it into a gorgeous look. We have all types of superbike making parts and equipment available to make your normal bike in a monster racing one.

Hmplantducati offers numerous services in the field of superbike creation. This is a team splits in many areas. Our few team members are here to design a custom bike. When you come here for a custom bike with your normal bike, our design team will first listen your wishes how you want to change it’s shape. This team will scratch the design for your custom bike and will deliver it to our parts specialist team.

The parts specialist team has all kinds of knowledge of modern bike parts. Most updated Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Mv Agusta parts are available in their knowledge. The design team and part specialist team will collaborate each other to make the exact scratch for the custom bike. After finalizing the design and selecting available parts for implementing the work, they throw the whole plan and parts to our assembly plant.

In Assembly plant, we have well trained, experienced mechanic as well as assembly facility where we can build a true superbike. In case of order placement, they usually takes a specific handover time depending on how difficult the work is and how many time it will take. In the assembly plant there are all kinds of testing facility like torque testing, fuel quality, axle testing etc. After finishing the work the mechanics usually test all the systems as because it is a new custom bike. If there are any problems in performance, then they immediately consult with the design and parts specialist team for a modification. After repetitive work of design modification and assembly it is finally handed over the paint shop.

The paint shop is equipped with all kinds of modern day bike paint facilities. We are very proud of our paint shop because it truly adds the color in your dream custom bikes. Any available paints in your imagination can be reflected here. After finishing all the paint work the super custom bike is available for the delivery.

The client can take a test drive with his custom bike in our test drive yard and if he feels any malfunction in his bike then immediately can asks for modification again.

We also provide repair, maintenance service in traditional Ducati, BMW bikes. All kinds of motorcycle parts are available in parts shop. We also take order for the client in case of any unavailability of parts in regular mechanic shop.

We also consult with client about their bike performance, modification and any other bike related information. We also have connection with many towing companies if you need to tow your bike and car to the available repair shop. We are available 24/7 and our helpline line is open for every hour Monday to Friday.